Terms & Conditions

The owner of the online platform and the web domain www.piccolo-studio.com (hereinafter, the “Website”) is the Spanish company PICCOLO, S.L., with registered address in Calle Balmes, 206, 5º 2ª, 08006, Barcelona (Spain), registered in the Company’s Registry of Barcelona in book 99, volume 45015, sheet B-474355, and holder of the Spanish Tax Identification number B66612235 (hereinafter referred as, “PICCOLO”).

Contact email address: info@piccolo-studio.com

  1. Definitions
    For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred as, “T&C”) the following definitions shall be applicable:
    1. User: Any person or entity that may use the following website www.piccolo-studio.com.
    2. Brand: Entity, products and/or Services clearly identified in the market, distributed through flagship stores or in multi-brand spaces.
    3. PICCOLO: The Spanish company holder of the Website, domain, technology and Services, as well as, when applicable, Group Companies or subsidiary companies.
    4. Website: Interface through which Users have access to the Website which can be through www.piccolo-studio.com.
    5. Service: The Services provided by PICCOLO to its Users through the Website. The services can be updated, added or deleted at any time at PICCOLO’s discretion.
    6. These Rules and other Rules: These T&C and all other Rules or Guidelines established by PICCOLO, including the Cookies and Privacy Policy of the Website.
  2. Object
    1. These T&C establish the regulations under which PICCOLO allows its Users to access its services. When accessing in the Website, you accept these T&C. The access and web surfing of the Site is under these T&C, if you do not agree, understand nor feel comfortable with any of its clauses, please avoid the use of the Website, even for information purposes. In case of doubt please contact us and we will answer any questions regarding the use of the Website or our Services.
    2. When accepting these Terms and Conditions, you state that:
      1. You have read and understood these T&C.
      2. You acknowledge the obligations in this document.
      3. You are of legal age and have the legal capacity to use the Services.
    3. You acknowledge and accept that PICCOLO can, at any time, include or modify the characteristics of its Services.
  3. User’s obligations
    1. The User shall be responsible, for the custody and confidentiality of the account data, and for denying access to its personal computer or devises, taking consequently, responsibility for the damages that may occur for its misuse, transfer, disclosure or extraction.
    2. Users agree to use the Website in accordance with the Law, morals, Law enforcement and these T&C. Likewise; they agree to use the Service appropriately and not to use it for illicit or illegal purposes.
  4. Exemptions from liability
    1. Users can contact PICCOLO in relation to any content and description of the Website, privacy policy and any other matter of interest.
    2. We strongly suggest not clicking on any link nor downloading any program or file offered or published by third parties. PICCOLO does not have any control over the content or third-party websites.
    3. You accept and agree that PICCOLO is not liable for the damages caused by a system outage, delay, suspension or loss of data, equipment failure, non-authorized access to your data or damages caused by you in relation to the use of the service, nevertheless PICCOLO shall develop the maximum diligence for the early resolution of these issues.
    4. PICCOLO does not guarantee the content of emails sent from/to the Website.
    5. PICCOLO is not liable for losses or damages consequence of the breach of these T&C by a User.
    6. PICCOLO is not liable for the losses or damages caused, directly or indirectly, for the suspension or interruption of the Service.
  5. Forbidden acts
    1. When using PICCOLO’s services, you agree not to carry out the following:
      1. Actions against the Law or against agreements subscribed between the parties, including but not limited to these T&C;
      2. Actions that violate PICCOLO’s, or third parties rights, interests or reputation;
      3. Engaging in activities that may affect the physical or mental development of kids or violate public order or moral;
      4. Engaging in activities that may interfere or hurt other users or third parties feelings;
      5. Provide false information;
      6. Send virus, malware or cause electronic damage through computer programs or emails;
      7. Access computer equipment owned or managed by PICCOLO without authorization.
    2. When a User breaches any of these obligations or when considered necessary, PICCOLO shall suspend or cancel an account or Service without previous communication.
    3. User agrees to maintain PICCOLO free of responsibility in any claim, fine, penalty or sanction that results from a breach of the T&C or from the performance of a prohibited act, reserving its right to request an indemnification for the corresponding liquidated damages.
  6. Copyright, IP rights and database rights
    1. PICCOLO is the owner and holder of the domain, brand, signs, website and content, including texts or images of the Website, with the exception of the content published by third parties that have accepted its publication for the corresponding purposes.
    2. The use, reproduction, copy, transformation or transmission of content published in the Website, without previous written authorization by its owner is not allowed, nor the use of tools or searching or data extraction robots. It is also not permitted, without the company’s previous written consent, the publishing of a data base when its content is a copy of PICCOLO’s services. If you have any doubt of the ownership of the content, services or features of the Website, contact PICCOLO.
    3. The Usership condition does not give any IP right over the artworks and content of the Website.
    4. PICCOLO is not responsible for the content published by third parties.
  7. Cookies and Privacy Policy
    1. In order to use our service, the Privacy Policy and the use of cookies need to be previously accepted.
  8. Invalidity and inefficiency of the clauses
    1. If any of the clauses included in these T&C were to be declared totally or partially, invalid or inefficient, such invalidity or inefficiency shall only affect that clause or the invalid part of that clause, subsisting all other clauses part of these T&C, considering such clause totally or partially not included.
  9. Update of these T&C
    1. PICCOLO will periodically review these T&C. When PICCOLO includes or modifies any of its provisions, the update shall be immediately effective after its publication on the Website. Modifications included in these T&C shall not be retroactive.
    2. You acknowledge and agree to be bounded by the Website’s applicable T&C at any moment and agree, to execute and fulfill them.
    3. If PICCOLO assigns a third party as the holder of the latest versions of the T&C, parties acknowledge as the only valid version of such T&C at any time the one available in the third parties data base.
  10. Governing Law and jurisdiction
    1. These T&C will be governed and interpreted by the Spanish Law.
    2. The parties agree to summit, at their election, the resolution of their conflicts to the courts of the Users registered address and agree to waive any other jurisdiction.