The three founders of Piccolo Studio have been together for 20 years, working in Advertising from sunny Barcelona. We developed interactive experiences for big brands worldwide for years, 14 of which through our own company.

We were making money and winning awards, but it wasn’t fulfilling. Making video games had always been a childhood dream, so we went for it.

Starting from scratch on a risky industry was a leap of faith, something many people advised us not to do, but we were looking for that missing spark in our lives. If you fail, at least fail while doing what you like.

We didn’t have much experience, so we recruited some talented, veteran members of the Spanish scene that shared our romantic vision of video games. We say we don’t make video games, we craft them. This is why our logo shows a needle and a thread.

And here we are, proud of the team we assembled and excited with the release of our first game, Arise, a simple story, on December 3rd 2019.

We hope to meet you many times along our journey.

Us reflecting on our lives directly inspired our game and it’s only natural that it deals with love and time, as we’re not that young anymore.

This is a deeply personal project for us, a part of our own journey as we pursue our dream. The fact that we have years of various life experiences helped a ton. We drew from them to tell a story that we hope will strike a chord with you. We genuinely can’t wait for you to play through it.

Read more about Arise, a simple story.

Alexis Corominas
Jordi Ministral
Oriol Pujadó

José Luis Vaello
Elías Sánchez
César Cortés & Pau Terol
Edu Galán & Alejandro Navaza
Juan Manuel M. Montoya & David Soriano
Luis Sánchez & Samuel Cohen
Germán Galván & Miguel Ángel Castillo

Production, Narrative direction & Game design
Technical direction & Technical art
Management, UI & Motion graphics

Creative & Art direction
Concept Art
3D Art
Technical art
Game design

We are always looking for new talents. If you feel creative, have experience developing video games and want to move to Barcelona, join us!